Friday, January 9, 2009

'Spanish Rice"

Its not paella. My mom used to mke this with leftover long grain rice, but its better with freshly made basmati...

2 cups rice(before cooking)
1 lb ground meat(my mom used beef, we like buffalo)
2 cups salsa(I use Pace's Picante sauce, but any one that is saucey and good)
garlic(optional) to taste
salt (also to) taste

So, cook the rice according to the directions.

Brown the meat. Add the rice, salsa, salt and garlic. If you are using fresh garlic, brown it with the meat.
Eat and enjoy!

Some variations,
My mom would chop up fresh vegetables, like tomatoes, zuchinini, peppers, other stuff and add them. She would also use tomato sauce in place of the salsa. Mine is the best though....
If you are feeding 14 kids, like my mom was, you might want to add more rice. Or just double the recipe.
Its easy, the longest part is the rice cooking or the meat browning. And its economical:)

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