Monday, January 12, 2009


This is about something that happens in my kitchen all the time: We pray. We pray blessings over our food, thanking the Lord for everything he has given us and asking for His help with our problems.

Its interesting but in my home there is always food. Even when we have nothing else, we have food. And love, but materially, concretely we have food.

A few weeks ago we were blessed to be able to share what we have with a family much larger than ours who was about to go without. They told us later that they had been praying for exactly what we provided. Imagine having the blessing of a large family and the difficulty that can come with that. My family growing up, the 14 kids plus occasional extras that lived with us from time to time, always had enough to eat. Enough.

The Lord will give us enough of what we need if we just thank Him for what we have and ask for what we need. My home may be small and commonly a mess, but it is a blessing. My vehicle may have its own issues, but we can always get to where we need to go. Sometimes it requires humbling ourselves to ask another mortal for help, but that can be how the Lord works.

Anyway, because of what we were able to share with others, we have room for some things that we have needed to move to different places, and be able to make space for new abundance. And we had a surprise blessing the other night that more than returned what we gave away. The Lord knows what we cannot.

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